About the Deighton Dossier

This site is owned and run by me, Rob Mallows.

I’ve been a fan of Deighton’s stories since I was about sixteen and I received for Christmas a Game, Set and Match box set. Up to that point, I’d never heard of Deighton or any of his works. After that point, I was hooked and bought all his books and devoured them.

In recent years - especially the years since the ending of the Cold War - Deighton's profile in the UK and globally has diminished. His reluctance to speak with the media in recent years hasn't helped. Yet his 80th birthday and the subsequent publicity from his publishers - and the reissuing of most of his books - has highlighted his place in the UK's literary pantheon.

In comparison with the huge number of websites and projects relating to the output of the other masters of spy fiction, Ian Fleming (and to a lesser extent, John Le Carré), there are few resources out there for people who enjoy Deighton's work. This needed to change. This website's purpose is to create an effective online presence for all things Deighton; the proof of its success so far is a personal endorsement from Len Deighton himself.

This site has continued to grow over time and is now the definitive, one-stop shop for anyone looking to know more about one of the legends of British popular fiction writing of the last fifty years; the blog and the user forum both complement this main website. It's been such a success that Len himself has endorsed the website and blog.

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