Online resources about Deighton and spy fiction more generally

Visitors to the site who want to find out more about Len Deighton and the world of espionage and spy fiction may find these links helpful:

Deighton-related sites

The Deighton Dossier blog - a separate online blog to accompany this site which carries news about Len Deighton's works and spy fiction more generally. This is where to go for all the up to date news from Len and information about his books.

Deighton Dossier online forum - sign up and share your views on the site and Deighton's works (note: the earlier online forum, which had a significant amount of content, was deleted accidentally by the forum provider. This new forum is relatively empty - but hopefully over time readers will start to refill it.)

Yahoo Group on Len Deighton - an online discussion group for fans.

Bernard Samson's Berlin - a Google Maps page identifying the most important locations relating to the ten novels in the 'Samson' series.

Wikipedia page for Len Deighton - has some further links but does need updating.

The Harry Palmer Secret Agent movie site - Kees Stam's site devoted to the main character of Len Deighton's first five novels and particularly the five related films. Contains lots of embedded video and detailed facts about the character.

Len Deighton filmography - from IMDB, the best online movie resource: links to information about all Deighton-related movies.

Other sites

Shots Magazine - the online magazine devoted to the crime and spy thriller genre of fiction, which includes a monthly column by author Mike Ripley.

Citizen Caine - everything you need to know about actor Michael Caine, who played Deighton's unnamed spy character (subsequently called Harry Palmer) in three films.

Spy Vibe - excellent website looking specifically at the sixties' incarnation of the spy genre on TV, in films and more widely in popular culture.

The James Bond Dossier - comprehensive site covering everything to do with the books and films of James Bond

Absolute James Bond - site for all things Bond related.

Commander Bond - great site for everything to do with James Bond, which includes a great forum section for discussions with other fans.

HMSS Weblog - the great Bond fanzine Her Majesty's Secret Service is now online.

Jeremy Duns - site for the author of the 'Dark' series of spy novels set in the 1960s about a British double agent caught between two masters. Jeremy is regarded as an 'heir to Deighton'.

Spy Guys & Gals - a very comprehensive site - part of the COBRAS blogging network - which has