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Over the course of his life Len Deighton has fulfilled many roles: writer, journalist, husband, travel writer, critic, graphic designer, air steward and philatelic expert spring immediately to mind. In this section you will find a short biography, tracing his journey from an early London childhood to the status of international literary giant he enjoys today. You can also find more information about his writing style and fascinating facts about the author who, in his mid-eighties, is still going strong and happily enjoying his retirement. Plus, read exclusive interviews only available on the Deighton Dossier.



A comprehensive look at Deighton's life and the parallel development of his status as one of the UK's top writers, gourmands and popular historians.

Writing style


What makes a Deighton book a Deighton book? What techniques does he deploy to capture the reader's attention?

Key themes


Len Deighton creates compelling stories and lively narratives. Find out about the tropes which occur repeatedly across his fiction and non-fiction work.



The Deighton Dossier has been pleased to do a number of Q&A interviews with the author about his life and literary canon.

According to others


Deighton is sometimes cited when journalists are writing about the sixties and the spy novel. But he is sometimes referenced by more unlikely people too.

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Did you know?


Read some fascinating facts and trivia about Len Deighton's books and the films made of them

In his own words


Len Deighton has written extensively not only about his own approach to writing but on a range of other topics. Read examples in this section

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