Did you know?

...that Len Deighton co-wrote with Sean Connery the script for a lost Bond movie in 1977: 'Warhead'. Author Robert Sellers revealed in 2008's The Battle for Bond that a full script was written, and locations in New York scouted, but legal action from Bond producer Cubby Broccoli put an end to this idea.

...Deighton managed to post a false entry in Who's Who. It read: "Eldest son of a Governor-General of the Windward Islands. After an uneventful education at Eton and Worcester College, Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics and was President of the Union, he signed on as a deckhand on a Japanese whaler.” Interestingly, he no longer had a Who's Who entry in 2009's edition.

...Michael Caine was never the first choice to play ‘Harry Palmer’ in the hit films. It was first offered to Christopher Plummer by the film’s producer Harry Saltzman; Harry H. Corbett (later of Steptoe & Son fame) was also in the frame. The Ipcress File’s kitchen omelette-making scene, Michael Caine was unable to break two eggs simultaneously with one hand. In the close-up it is done by Deighton himself.

...Len Deighton’s real name is Cyril Len Deighton, which he has used as a pen name on odd occasions.

...Michael Culver, who played Dicky Cruyer in the 1985 TV adaptation of Game, Set & Match by ITV, also played Captain Needa in the first Star Wars film.

...Mötorhead's 1979 third album, Bomber, was dedicated by Lemmy to Len Deighton, as it was his epic novel Bomber that inspired the title track!

...51 minutes into The Ipcress File, when Palmer's cooking a meal for Jean, you'll see pinned to the wall one of Deighton's own Observer cook strips, which were later made into a book. An early example of product placement!

...Deighton regards Close-Up as one of the best books he has written.

...Len Deighton met Ian Fleming, author of the Bond novels on 27 March 1963, at a lunch arranged by journalist Peter Evans of the Daily Express. Fleming subsequently chose The Ipcress File as thriller of the year. The photograph of that meeting appears on the promotional wraparound which was placed around the first editions of Funeral in Berlin.

...employed as a steward on BOAC in the fifties, Deighton resigned in the summer of 1956, anticipating by a week his almost certain dismissal for an innocent involvement with a gold-smuggling organisation based in Hong Kong.

...Len Deighton does not own a first edition of his first book, The Ipcress File!

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