The Ballymaloe Cookbook, UK First Edition, 1983

The Ballymaloe Cookbook, by Myrtle Allen - 1983

Subject of the book

Myrtle Allen is an Irish cook who runs an award-winning restaurant at Ballymaloe which was world-famous and had at the time of the book's publication recently taken over the running of the Parisian restaurant, La Ferme Irlandaise. Typical recipes include chicken with turmeric, puolade a la chateau Marie, lamb noisettes in mint and butter sauce and bavarian apple cake.

Deighton's foreword

Deighton holds quality chefs in high regard, and his introduction recognises that unlike many cookbooks - which are written by writers who aren't chefs - this book is written by a dedicated and professional cook, whose food he has enjoyed many times.

Sample text

'We all know of smart little restaurants where they make their own pork terrine, but at Ballymaloe they raise their own pigs and make everything from salt pork to sausages, not forgetting black puddings. A customer looking forward to crab or lobster would do well to speak with Myrtle in advance, for it won't have come out of the deep freeze but out of the sea. Like the lobsters and the pork, lamb and beef will all be local produce.''

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