Final Flights, UK First Edition, 1984

Final Flights, by Ian MacLachlan - 1989

Subject of the book

This is a book for the dedicated aviation enthusiast only. It is a record of dramatic wartime aviation incidents revealed by the new science of aviation archaeology. By examining crash sites, and employing new techniques to reconstruct events, the author brings out the extraordinary stories of the brave pilots whose lives ended in such tragic circumstances.

Deighton's foreword

Deighton reveals that he first read about McLachlan's work as he was researching for one of his books (presumably, Airshipwreck). He applauds the new science of aviation archaeology as an important element of the capture of our aviation history. It's clear he has a lot of respect for aviation pioneers.

Sample text

''Wreckage recovered - courage recalled' [the original title] was self-evidently about what some people are calling aviation archaeology. Sometimes I hear it deplored: I hear people saying that there is something bad about recovering wreckage, and sometimes the bodies, of fallen aviators. I don't quite follow the argument and urge no relative to feel distressed. If it was my father, my brother or my son I would not prefer that he remains forgotten in some unmarked spot.'

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