Military history and technology

Len Deighton is one of writing's great researchers, ensuring that every novel is based on correct facts. As a historian Len has taken that diligence in research and looked at areas of military history in more detail, focusing particularly on the impact of new technologies on man's relationship with the machines of war. Click on each cover to find out more.

Alamein & The Desert War


Deighton wrote two chapters of this Alamein history on the 'ironmongery of the battlefield' adapted from earlier articles.



A revisionist description of the Battle of Britain with an increased emphasis on the German perspective



The story of how the German generals used technology to gain a military advantage in 1939-40.

Tactical Genius in Battle


Deighton edits a book looking at the tactics of some of history's finest generals, from Marlborough to Mannstein.

Battle of Britain


A visual textbook of the Battle of Britain, Deighton examines decisive factors such as the development of radar.

Blood, Tears & Folly


A history of the Second World War on a global scale, looking particularly at the technical factors which aided the Allies.

British Military Greats


Deighton contributes a chapter to this 2004 compendium of stories of the individuals and technologies which have made history

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