A miscellany of books and guides by and about Len Deighton, and those with his contribution

Variety has been the hallmark of Len Deighton's writing. Beyond the spy thrillers, the military histories and the cookery books he has turned his hand to writing books - or making contributions to book - about a wide variety of subjects. Also in this section are books by other authors which have some link with Deighton's work and the wider genre. Click on a cover to find out more.

Ark Magazine


The in-house magazine of the Royal College of Art was a showcase for the work of design students, including Len Deighton, who was art editor.

Len Deighton's London Dossier


A charming book with contributions from a number of Deighton's friends, extolling the virtues of the hidden surprises of London and how to enjoy them.

The Assassination of President Kennedy


An educational resource which provides a range of facsimile documents about the assasination and the various conspiracies associated with it.

Authors Take Sides on Vietnam


Deighton contributes to an anthology of writing by leading literary figures on the then active Vietnam conflict in Asia.

Len Deighton's Continental Dossier


Drawing on the success of the first, this dossier expands its horizons, but there is little actual written contribution from Deighton to the book. A tie-in.

Declaration of War


A selction of twelve short stories look at different periods of military history through the experiences of the simple solders who dealt with a range of threats.

How To Be A Pregnant Father


A light-hearted guide for expectant fathers by Peter Mayle, to which Len provided a series of his cookstrips to provide some basic cooking advice.



A history of the airship created with Arnold Schwartzman, it looks at some of the famous airships and, sadly, the famous crashes too.

The Orient Flight


Deighton has a long-time interest in airships and philately. This book looks at the development of the airborne post office on the Zeppelin.

The Egypt Flight


A companion to the Orient flight, this co-authored pamphlet looks at the postal service operated by the Zeppelin in the near East.

The Adventure of the Priory School


A selction of twelve short stories look at different periods of military history through the experiences of the simple solders who dealt with a range of threats.

The Man Who ...


A collection of spy and thriller short stories, Deighton provides a contribution called 'The Man Who Was A Coyote.'



The published script for a BBC TV screenplay for 'Armchair Theatre' written by Deighton in 1963.

The Oxford Book of Spy Stories


A collection of short spy stories, to which Deighton provides the story 'Paper casualty', which appeared in Declarations of War first.

The Verdict of Us All


Deighton's last published work for many years, this collection includes his short story 'Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Swindle.'

James Bond: my long and eventful search for his father


Deighton's most recent published work, an e-book about his connections with the James Bond world.

What's Cooking?


Deighton provides a contribution to a collection of recipes by famous designers collated by the design magazine Baseline.

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