Other novels by Len Deighton

Though famed, rightly, for his genre-changing series of spy novels and thrillers, Len Deighton's fiction writing has touched a range of other themes and styles, including crime thrillers, police-procedurals and short stories. Find out more about each novel here by clicking on the cover.

Only When I Larf


A comedy thriller about three con artists and their capers in the 'sixties putting one over corporations and corrupt government officials alike.



A classic story about the relationship of men and machines in war, in this case Lancaster bombers - regarded as one of the novels of the century.



A foray into the corrupt, cut-throat and competitive world of Hollywood filming, it tells the story of english actor Marshall Stone.

Spy Story


Following on from the unnamed spy stories, this novel features an agent who must deal with the consequences of a defecting Soviet general

Yesterday's Spy


Steve Champion leads an anti-Nazi intelligence group which operated in occupied France - and the British want to track him down..

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Spy


A defecting Russian scientist leads to a series of adventures in the Sahara Desert involving the CIA and British agents.



Policeman Douglas Archer stumbles across a plethora of secrets when investigating a murder in Nazi-occupied London.



Afile about a deep secret from the Second World War emerges, leading to a race to stop its contents changing the future of Germany.

Goodbye Mickey Mouse


The war in the air seen from US eyes, as this story follows the contrasting lives of two fighter pilots and the bonds that develop between them.



This novel tells the story of a group of Marxist revolutionaries in Spanish Guiana and the three people caught up in their fight against the CIA.

City of Gold


In the bustling streets of Cairo, a British agent must find the source of the military secrets being leaked to General Rommel.

Violent Ward


Set in LA this is a crime thriller about a criminal lawyer caught up in some shady dealings with the city's underworld.

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