Len Deighton: An Annotated Bibliography (1954-1984), UK First Edition 1985

Len Deighton: An Annotated Bibliography (1954-1984) by Edward Milward-Oliver - 1985


This is the first and only published comprehensive review of Len Deighton's works (at least up to its publication date of 1985) and is a treasure trove of details about each edition of each book, from the familiar to the unfamiliar and the obscure (which are covered in this website along with other books which were published after this book came out).

Each section provides details on publishing date, publishers, hard- and paperback editions, US edition, and all the useful information a collector requires. The collector's edition of this volume comes complete with an uncorrected page proof from London Match, signed by Len Deighton on 7 August 1985.

Why it's interesting

What makes Edward Milward-Oliver's book worthwhile is that it contains a 4,000 word interview with Len Deighton, conducted by the author in Berlin in the shadow of the Wall. Len Deighton rarely gives interviews, so at the time it offered readers some new perspectives on his writing. For example, his novel Only When I Larf was adapted from notes and descriptions he made in preparation for a planned non-fiction book on confidence tricksters through the ages.

Sample text

On his expectations of The Ipcress File, Deighton says:

"I was very lucky, and because it was a big success, all of a sudden my income was dramatically different. But the irony is that as an illustrator I was making the sort of money that a fairly successful writer makes. So if Ipcress had been only a moderate, even warm success, I'm not sure what I would have decided."

Related fact

In the chapter on Bomber, Milward-Oliver records that in 1973 Len Deighton was awarded un diplome by the Commission d'Histoire, Arts et Lettres, de l'Aero-Club de France, the world's foremost and oldest aviation authority. This is one of the few awards Deighton has ever accepted, presumably because of its military connection.

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