The unnamed spy novels

These five novels are, arguably, the books most associated with Len Deighton as a writer - not least because three of them were made into great films in the 'sixties which provided a counterpoint to the suave action-packed James Bond. The books introduce a new character - unnamed in the novels, but dubbed 'Harry Palmer' by Harry Saltzman in the movies - who is insubordinate, cheeky and rough around the edges, but just the sort of modern agent needed at the height of the Cold War.

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The Ipcress File


The unnamed hero is charged by his bosses at W.O.O.C.P. to untangle the mystery of the UK's disappearing scientists

Horse Under Water


Items must be retrieved from inside a sunked U-Boat off the coast of Portugal and our hero must solve the mystery of the traitors at the heart of the establishment.

Funeral in Berlin


'Harry Palmer' is charged with going to Berlin to arrange the defection of Semitsa, but comes up against the wily Colonel Stok.

Billion Dollar Brain


A billionaire Texan is determined to bring down the Soviet Union by financing his own private army intent on invading Latvia.

An Expensive Place to Die


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