Len Deighton - a full bibliography

Details of paperback and hardback versions including, in some cases, the US edition. The list is in chronological order; included are significant contributions to other books.


The early years and the 'sixties

Dove: an Ark supplement (undated, but likely to be produced before issue 10 of Ark) - this is the first published writing of Len Deighton

Abroad in London (1954 Ark, Issue 10) - article

Impressions of New York (1955 Ark, Issue 13) - article

The Ipcress File (1962 Hodder & Stoughton hb, 1964 Panther pb) - only 4000 first editions were printed

Horse Under Water (1963 Cape hb, 1968 Putnam pb) - first editions shipped with slipped-in crossword puzzle

Funeral in Berlin (1964 Cape, 1965 Putnam pb)

Drinks-man-ship (1964 Haymarket Press hb) - edited by Len Deighton

Action Cook Book: Len Deighton's Guide to Eating (1965 Cape hb)

Ou Est Le Garlic? or Len Deighton's French Cook Book (1965 Penguin pb)

The previous two books were published together in a slip-case by Penguin in 1967

The Billion Dollar Brain (1966 Cape, 1967 Penguin) - the paperback version was titled more simply as 'Billion Dollar Brain'

Cookstrip Cook Book (1966 Geis NY hb) - this is the american edition of the Action Cook Book

Len Deighton's London Dossier (1967 Cape hb, 1967 Penguin pb)

Ironmonergy of the desert & the private armies (article) in Alamein and the Desert War, ed. Derek Jewell (1967 Sphere pb)

The Assassination of President Kennedy (1967 Cape/Jackdaw) - compiled by Len Deighton, Michael Rand & Howard Loxton

An Expensive Place to Die (1967 Putnam hb, Panther 1969 pb) - came with a laid-in 'Top Secret' wallet

Only When I Larf (1967 private printing) - ring-bound limited edition of just 15 copies - incredibly rare

Len Deighton's Continental Dossier (1968 Michael Joseph)

Only When I Larf (1968 Michael Joseph hb, 1968 Sphere pb) - both editions were published simultaneously


The 'seventies

Bomber (1970 Harper & Row hb, 1972 Pan pb)

Declarations of War (1971 Jonathan Cape hb, 1973 Panther pb)

Close-Up(1972 Jonathan Cape hb, 1974 Pan pb)

Spy Story (1974 Jonathan Cape hb, 1976 Panther pb)

Introduction to The Valley of Fear (Collected Edition) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1974, Doubleday hb)

Yesterday's Spy (1975 Cape hb, 1977 Panther pb)

Eleven Declarations of War (USA 1975 Harcourt hb) - same as earlier edition except shorter by two stories

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Spy (1976 Jonathan Cape hb, 1977 Triad/Panther pb)

Fighter (1977 Cape hb, 1978 Knopf pb)

Airshipwreck (1978 Cape hb) - written with Arnold Schwartzman

SS-GB: Nazi-occupied Britain 1941 (1978 Cape hb, 1979 Knopf pb)

Basic French Cooking (1979 Cape)

Tactical Genius in Battle (1979 Phaidon hb) edited and introduced by Len Deighton; written by Simon Goodenough

Blitzkrieg (1979 Cape hb, 1980 Knopf pb)


The 'Samson' years: the 'eighties

Battle of Britain (1980 Cape hb, 1980 Howard McCann pb)

The Egypt Flight LZ 127 - Graf Zeppelin (1981 German Philatelic Society) - Len Deighton (writing as Cyril Deighton) with Fred F Blau

XPD (1981 Hutchinson hb, 1981 Knopf pb)

Goodbye Mickey Mouse (1982 Hutchinson hb, 1982 Knopf pb)

Berlin Game (1983 Hutchinson hb, 1984 Panther pb)

Mexico Set (1984 Hutchinson hb, 1985 Granada pb)

London Match (1985 Hutchinson hb, 1986 Granada pb)

Game, Set & Match (1985 Hutchinson hb, 1989 Granada pb) - single volume

Foreword in The Adventure of the Priory School: a fascimile of the original manuscript in the Marvin P. Epstein Sherlock Holmes Collection (1985 Santa Teresa Press, US) - edited by Len Deighton. Only 350 signed copies were produced

Winter: A Berlin Family 1899-1945 (1987 Century Hutchinson hb, Granada pb)

Spy Hook (1988 Century Hutchinson hb)

Spy Line (1989 Century Hutchinson hb)

ABC of French Food (1989 Century hb)


The 'nineties and beyond

Spy Sinker (1990 Harper Collins hb, Granada pb)

Hook, Line & Sinker (1991 Harper Collins) - single volume

Basic French Cookery Course (1990 Century Hutchinson)

Mamista (1991 Century Hutchinson hb)

City of Gold (1992 Century Hutchinson hb)

Violent Ward (1993 Harper Collins, 1993 Scorpion Press pb)

Blood, Tears & Folly: An Objective Look at World War Two (1993 Cape hb)

Faith (1994 Harper Collins hb)

Pests, a play in three acts (1994, Chris Martin) - only 226 copies ever published

Hope (1995 Harper Collins hb)

Hope (1995 Scorpion Press hb) - limited edition of 99 with a foreword and appreciation by author Ted Allbeury

Charity (1996 Harper Collins hb)


21st century

Sherlock Homes and the Titanic Swindle - novella in The Verdict of Us All, ed. by Peter Lovesey (2006, Allison & Busby Ltd)

James Bond: my long and eventful search for his father (2012, Kindle Short (e-book))



Silver Jubilee editions (1987, Grafton Books pb) - to mark the 25th anniversary of the publication of Deighton's first novel, The Ipcress File, Grafton published a colleciton of limited edition paperbacks of his first 19 books, together with the paperback copy of The Len Deighton Companion. Each book contains a new introduction by Len Deighton explaining some of the backstory to the work.

80th birthday editions (2009 onwards, Harper Collins pb) - to mark Deighton's eightieth birthday year, Harper Collins published new editions of SSGB, Bomber, Goodbye Mickey Mouse and XPD in May 2009, followed by the first four novels in October. In April 2010 Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match and Winter were all reissued, again with new covers and new introductions by the author. Subsequently, Declarations of War has also been re-released and there are plans eventually to republish all the novels in new editions, again with a new introduction by the author. The reissues all contain notes by designer Arnold Schwartzman about his striking new cover designs.

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