Len Deighton is one of the UK's most prolific writers, and not just in the field of spy and thriller fiction for which he is best known. He is also an expert in number of fields outside literature, including philately, military history, graphic design and gourmet cooking

He has written and contributed to over 80 books. He has designed the front covers of 200 other books. He has published hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles under his own name, and revolutionised the previously staid world of cooking.

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Unnamed spy novels


The books which made Len Deighton famous, read about the five books which introduced 'Harry Palmer' to the world.

Samson series


Over ten books Len Deighton created a world of treachery and ultimate betrayal with Bernard Samson at the centre.

Other novels


Read about the other thriller novels and other story styles developed by Deighton over a series of other books and short stories.

Food & Cooking


Deighton is a gourmand and a trained cook and has written extensively - and creatively - about all aspects of food.



Detailed research and a healthy scepticism about the received wisdom are a feature of his books on military history.



Len Deighton has also written and contributed to a wide range of other books of interest.

Forewords & intros.


As a writer in demand, Len Deighton has contributed extensive forewords to a number of works of fiction and non-fiction.

Reference books


Books which provide more information about Len Deighton's works and the spy/thriller genre more widely.

Opening lines


Read the opening line to every major book Len Deighton's written.



A comprehensive guide for collectors to every UK edition and special edition of Len Deighton's books.

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