The most exciting news of recent months relating to the works of Len Deighton is the BBC's decision to commission - and film - a five-part adaptation for BBC1 of his counterfactual history novel, SS-GB.

Originally due to be broadcast in summer 2016, this series should bring Len Deighton and his works back into public consciousness, after twenty years with a relative lack of new material to enjoy. This page summarises the latest information about the series and will provide more information on the series when it is launched.

SS-GB ... what we know

BBC1 has commissioned the Sid Gentle Films production company to produce the first ever adaptation of this ground-breaking and still popular story. The production company was formed in 2013 by executive producer Sally Woodward-Gentle, who made her name producing blockbuster series Downton Abbey. Bond scriptwriters Neil Purvis and Robert Wade have been appointed as scriptwriters, so we can be assured of a quality script judging by recent Bond movies. German film director Philipp Kadelbach is on board to direct the series

Filming took place in north London. Here is a link to a news story of a Daily Mail article with pictures of filming in the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace, where a Spitfire landed. Lots of Nazis in great coats. It looked like Sid Gentle Films didn't skimp on the props budget, and this story gives an indication of the scale of the production.

Actor Sam Riley is in the leading role of British policeman Douglas Archer of Scotland Yard, who reluctantly is working with the SS and the German police who are in charge following the Nazi invasion of Britain. This main character is called to investigation a series of murders, which develops into a much bigger storyline relating to the future of the defeated British state. Actress Kate Bosworth plays the main female character Barbara Braga, who becomes inextricably linked to the murder case Archer investigates.

All filming has now been completed in London venues and in the studio, and the series in now in post-production and editing. It was to be released as part of the BBC's summer schedule in 2016, but sources have suggested to the Deighton Dossier that this will now more likely be part of the early spring 2017 schedule. A successful run for this on BBC1 opens up the prospects of, potentially, a follow up! But, of course, that would require a new story!

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