The Deighton Dossier is a website about the work of one of the world’s leading thriller and spy writers, author of famous books such as The Ipcress File, Fighter and the Bernard Samson series of novels. This site is still the only comprehensive and regularly updated website about Len Deighton's works on the Internet. Content is regularly added to make it even more comprehensive.

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Fifth interview with Len Deighton


A Deighton Dossier exclusive: read new thoughts from Len on a variety of topics, including reviewers, the process of writing a book and his experiences talking to WWII veterans.

New SS-GB TV series coming


The BBC has completed filming of a new TV series based on Deighton's counter-factual history of a Nazi-occupied Britain. Find the latest news here.

All the books


You'll find links to every book that Len Deighton's written, contributed to, provided an introduction for or is significantly referenced in.

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