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As well as reading and enjoying Len Deighton's fiction and non-fiction works, many readers also choose to collect his works in first edition or paper back.

This page provides the most comprehensive online guide available on all of Deighton's published works. Here you'll find information on first and special editions, details on book formats, pricing guides and lots more.

Collecting Len Deighton's books has never been more accessible and possible, thanks to the Internet and the global availability of many sought after editions.

Start your collection now.

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Like many top authors, the books and collected works of Len Deighton offer significant opportunities for serious book collectors.

His output is prodigious: not just the 200 plus books he's written or contributed to, but also the book covers he's designed, the ephemera associated with the marketing and launching of his books, and the associated posters and other material linked to the film versions of his works.

It is relatively easy to build a great collection of Len Deighton's books; once he gained popularity, first editions of his works were published in increasing numbers. But like any popular author - John Le Carré, Ian Fleming or Desmond Bagley, say - collectors are also interested in the rarities, the hard-to-track-down oddities which can be part of any collection alongside the books.

In time, more information will be added to this section about collecting his non-fiction works and the real rarities for Deighton collectors: the ephemera items such as the Hindenburg postcard, pictured right.

Find out below the information you need to build your collection of Deighton books.

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Book value guide - the novels

Roll the cursor over each of the books below to read useful information on first editions of Deighton's novels and a guide to their value.

Book value guide - the Samson series of books

Roll the cursor over each of the books below to read useful information on all the editions of Deighton's Samson novels and their value.


Len Deighton has written and published over sixty books on his own or with a writing partner, and contributed to many more.

This bibliography lists in chronological order every first edition book by Len Deighton, including some special and rare editions and information about collected editions, including the most recent paperback reissues by Harper Collins in 2009.

Also included are his first published works which, while not strictly books, are still regarded as part of the Deighton canon by collectors.

Click below to uncover a popup and comprehensive list of everything he's written, from 1954 up to the present day.

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